The Entanglement Exchange Celebrates World Quantum Day and Welcomes the Republic of Korea

Happy World Quantum Day from the Entanglement Exchange!

Posted April 14, 2023

Celebrated annually on April 14th, World Quantum Day is an international, grassroots effort to promote the public understanding of quantum science and technology around the world. Activities include public lectures, social media campaigns, classroom activities, laboratory tours, and more. Each of the nations in the Entanglement Exchange is engaged in this larger, worldwide celebration.

In light of this global initiative, the Entanglement Exchange is pleased to announce the addition of the Republic of Korea! As we continue to build out and refine this platform to benefit the broader quantum community, we are also excited for new partners to join us in the larger goal to support a vibrant and interconnected quantum ecosystem.

Since the initial launch of the Entanglement Exchange last November, Denmark and Sweden have each updated their Entanglement Exchange webpages, further refining them to specifically focus on exchange opportunities in quantum science.

As we join the global scientific community to celebrate the importance and achievements of quantum science and technology, we look forward to continued progress and collaboration in the years to come!